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Coding for Charity


Website Weekend is an initiative started by Natalie MacLees (www.nataliemac.com). It started in October 2013, where 53 volunteers came together to create websites for seven different nonprofits. In October of 2016, 120 volunteers created websites for 16 different nonprofit organizations.

What is Website Weekend Kampala?

Starting from 6th to 9th April 2018, various non-profit organizations will be teamed up with professional website developers to get them a web presence start. The 3 day event will focus on creating websites for non-profit organizations doing great work in the communities.

Incredible Numbers

Non Profit Organisations

Non Profit organisations doing great work and making a difference in our communities.


A community of volunteer website developers passionate about making a difference and ready to code for 3 days 

Lives Changes

Intrinsically integrate diverse action items for team building best practices. Globally supply covalent ROI via e-business markets, assertively.

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